Free Two Methods to Repair MySQL Database (InnoDB & MyISAM)

  1. Running the InnoDB recovery process.

How To Repair MYSQL Database

Before we start to attempt repair any database , first we try to backup our database, we need to backup all the files from our database, we follow some steps:-

  1. After performing the above step, stop the MYSQL server using the appropriate command on our Linux operating system.

How to Repair mysql Table

We are ready to troubleshoot. Mysql check program enables and also helps us to repair our database, MYSQL is running. This is a very useful feature to want our database without stopping the entire MYSQL service.

Steps To Running Engine — Specific Diagnostics :

If our running mysqlcheck does not have the problem. The next step is to run specific to the engine used by the database table or tables. The following procedure below for your table’s database storage engine.

How to repair MYISAM tables with myisamchk :

If we are using the MYISAM storage engine for a table we can run the myisamchk program to repair it. We follow the following steps:-

Procedures to InnoDB Recovery Process :

If we are using InnoDB storage engine for the database table we can run the InnoDB recovery process. We follow this following steps:

  • On Ubuntu and Debian, the my.cnf is located in the/any/mysql directory.

DRS SQL Database Recovery Tool

As an alternative, users can opt for the outstanding SQL Database Recovery Tool by Data Recovery Solutions (DRS). The software is able to recover the entire inaccessible SQL database files. Also it allows the recovery of all the database objects such as records, tables, functions, rules, etc. It facilitates with a preview option to view the recovered database prior recovery. The utility supports all the versions of Windows OS. There is also a demo version available to allow users to evaluate the performance of the software for free.


In this blog above, we have discussed the methods to repair mysql databases. We can now conclude that manual methods have several limitations and risk of data loss. So it is suggested to use the advanced SQL Database Recovery Tool which provides the complete recovery without any hassle.



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